"Vivid Arctic"

Valery Berlin, Irina Pokrovskaja

World of the editor's

Dear friends!

Before you the first release of the newsletter "Vivid Arctic". The idea of creation of such bulletin has been dictated by concern in a worsening ecological, social, ethnic situation in the North of our country.
The complex situations inherent in the Russian Arctic regions, that she accustomed with obvious infringement of bases of steady development, continue to be aggravated on a background of the general instability and the spontaneous market.
We very much hope and we want, that our bulletin has a little helped you to orient and adequately to survive during a hard time of social changes.
"Vivid Arctic" reflected first of all as means on distribution, expression and an exchange of ideas and ideas of those who protects rights of native peoples of the Russian Arctic regions and her wildlife.
In essence, it is the same problem. Nobody is interested in preservation ecosistem Arctic regions more, than her aboriginals and for anybody the northen country is not the native house in the greater degree, than for them.
For this reason, instead of because of abundance of resources, sherepresents one of the major national properties. Now, during time of roughly developing contacts to the international community and promptly growing interest of all world to the Russian Arctic regions, development of the uniform and integral doctrine of  her steady development guaranteeing the rights and high quality of environment and, hence, and a standard of living to her population is especially important. We are to be trusted, that our bulletin in process of forces will promote the decision of this problem.
The destiny has disposed so, that the pleasure of release of first number of "Vivid Arctic" is saddened for us with tragedy of loss of ours of the colleague, the friend and the adherent - Alexander Piki.
Alex was one of authors and inspirers of idea of creation of "Vivid Arctic".
He was devoted to ideas of Goods, Validity and Knowledge and was lost, executing the civil and scientific duty.
We devote the first release of our edition of his light and pure memory.